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Snow Plow No. 02

The Gilpin Tramway Company ordered a snow plow from the Lima Machine Works at an early date. 

An equipment inventory apparently prepared after the end of April in 1905 showed a snow plow eighteen years old - which would make it 's original builders date 1887.   The same inventory listed it's original cost as $150.

In the February 24, 1904 report on the Gilpin Tramway the Colorado & Southern Railway's chief engineer H.W. Cowan failed to note a snow plow.  However, an equipment inventory dated July 31, 1904 listed Snow Plow No. 1 at a cost of $150.

By January 11th, 1908 another inventory of equipment of the Gilpin Railroad listed Snow Plow No. 02 which was located at the roundhouse.

With an overall length of 13'-6" Snow Plow No. 02 had a twenty-inch diameter wheels with a 3'-6" wheelbase and a single hand brake.   This plow's body was 9'-0" long, 4'-8" wide and 3'4" in height.   It's offset plow had an overall width of 6'-6", a height of 4'-0" and a length of 4'-6".

Apparently the body was loaded with ballast to add weight for bucking the deep snow encountered along the Gilpin Rairlroad's mainline, branches and spurs.

This snow plow apparently carried the number "1" until sometime between 1905 and 1908 when it was renumbered to No. 02.

This car was sold at the foreclosure sale on June 2, 1917 to A.H. Radesky - who represented the Denver scrap dealer - Morse Brothers Machinery Company who eventually scrapped this unique piece of equipment.

Dan Abbott
Giplin Railroad Quarterly No. 2



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