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'08 Democratic Conv.


The 1908 Democratic Convention

Visits The Gilpin Tramway

In July 1908 the Democratic Presidential Convention was held in Denver Colorado.   William J Bryant from Florida was nominated.  On the 11th, some 650 people rode the Colorado and Southern up to Black Hawk to tour the Fifty Gold Mines Mill and ride the Gilpin Tram up to Pewabic Mountain.   Passenger cars were created by fitting cars with benches and were fitted with red, white and blue bunting.

An excursion was given last Saturday from Denver to this county for the purpose of showing the resources of as much of Gilpin county as possible to several hundred visitors who were in Denver during the Democratic national convention. Over 550 visitors, among whom were some from almost every state in the union, availed themselves of the opportunity to see Gilpin county and enjoy the hospitality of the people…As soon as the passengers alighted from the trains they were taken in hand by the various members of the committees and were first shown through the big mill of the Fifty Gold Mines corporation at Black Hawk, where the amalgamation and concentration of ores was described to them in every detail. Then the major portion of the visitors walked up to the Polar Star mill where the different cars of the Gilpin Tramway company had been ready for their trip to Russell Gulch. …It was a county affair as far as the success of it was concerned in which everybody showed a disposition to lend their assistance and it was their united cooperation that made it the unqualified success, one which we doubt has ever been equaled anywhere in Colorado]  

Register Call, July 17, 1908

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The little boy in the straw hat, sitting on the flat car is Gus Grutzmacher, who recalls selling ore samples and columbines to the politicians.
Abbott Collection

Glimpses of Golden Gilpin Colorado 1909, Abbott Collection

Glimpses of Golden Gilpin Colorado 1909, Abbott Collection

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