Gilpin Screenshots


Gilpin Screenshots
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Virtual Gilpinin in RMC


Below are screenshots from my virtual model of the Gilpin Tramway.   The project is still under development so expect to see update in the pics from time to time.

Click on the image to see a larger photo.

Gilpin Engine House with Warming Shed in background.

Gilpin Enginehouse

Rocky Mountain Concentrator, Black Hawk

Avon Mill, Nevada Gulch

Black Hawk looking up Gregory Gulch.


Looking down on Central City from Freedom Mine


Hidden Treasure Mill

Looking west up Clear Creak past the Hidden Treasure

The Russel, Engine No. 2

The Iron City Mill


The Gunnell Mine

The Grand Army Mine

Looking up Nevada Gulch

Central City and the C&S Station

Russell Gulch and Pewabic Mountain

Gregory diggings

Whiting Mine



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