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Map - Black Hawk
Map - N Black Hawk
Map - Chase Gulch
Map - Central City
Map - Eureka Gulch
Map - Quartz Hill
Map - Russell Gulch
Map - Willis Gulch
Map - Banta Hill
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Ferrell Map of Gilpin Tramway

The below map was originally published in 1906.   Mallory Hope Ferrell then added the highlighting to the map in his excellent book The Gilpin Gold Tram.

Abbott Maps of Black Hawk

Below are detailed maps of the trackage through Black Hawk drawn by Dan Abbott.

C&S Map of the Gilpin Tramway

The below map was drawn in 1905 by the engineering office of the Colorado and Southern (which bought the Gilpin in 1906).  Note that although the Gilpin Tramway Company was never called the Gilpin County Tramway, the name must have been common.   For the author of the map mistakenly labeled it as such and had to scratch it out.

Sanborn Maps

Sanborn maps were maps created for insurance purposes through out the country between the 1880s and 1930s.   Below is a copy of the Sanborn from November 1900 showing Black Hawk with the Bobtail (lower center) and Polar Star mills (upper center).  

The colors used in the map show the construction material of the buildings.  Yellow are frame buildings, pink is brick, and green is stone.   I believe blue is stone as well.


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