Along the Switchback


Along Clear Creek
C&S in Black Hawk
Along the Switchback
C&S in Central City
C&S in Golden


Below are photo's of the Colorado Central/Colorado and Southern along the switchback between Black Hawk and Central City. 

Click on an image for a larger version.

Looking south at the Mountain City Bridge Switchback Looking east towards Black Hawk
Mountain City Bridge, 1880 On switchback above Black Hawk
Gilpin Historic Society
Mountain City Bridge, 1879
View of switchback, 1878 Near Mountain City, 1879 Packard Gulch
Looking up Bobtail Gulch near Mountain City
Gilpin Historic Society


Bridges near switchback.
Gilpin Historic Society


Near Mountain City
Gilpin Historic Society
Colorado Central/C&S switchback above Black Hawk   Packard Gulch, 1878


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